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Custom Break - Metal

- Tailored Design: Allows for unique and personalized designs.
- Precision Fit: Ensures a precise fit for seamless integration with the aluminum storefront.
- Color Customization: Available in various colors to match branding or design preferences.
- Weather Resistance: Aluminum's corrosion resistance makes it durable for exterior use in different weather conditions.

Custom Extrusion

- Unique Profiles: Allow for the creation of unique and distinct profiles.
- Tailored Dimensions: Precision crafting ensures extrusions meet specific size and dimension.
- Design Flexibility: Enables the realization of intricate and customized architectural designs.
- Branding Opportunities: For incorporating branding elements and signage directly into the extrusion.

All hardware options available

- Versatile Locking: Multiple options for security, including mortise locks, panic devices, etc.
- Hinge Diversity: Choose from continuous hinges, pivot hinges, and more to suit door requirements.
- Custom Handles: Various handle designs and finishes for personalized aesthetics and functionality.
- Specialized Accessories: Enhance performance with options like door closers, thresholds, etc.

Share Point

- Detailed Visualizations: Shop drawings offer detailed visual representations of custom aluminum storefront designs.
- Precision Measurements: Ensure accuracy in fabrication and installation with precise measurements and specifications.
- Compliance Verification: Verify compliance with industry standards and local building codes through detailed shop drawings.
- Smooth Communication: Enhance communication between stakeholders for an efficient and streamlined construction process.

Fabrication/CNC capabilities

- Precision Cutting: Advanced CNC capabilities ensure precise cutting of aluminum profiles for accurate fabrication.
- Custom Profile Design: Utilize CNC technology for the creation of intricate and custom aluminum storefront profiles.
- Efficient Production: CNC machining streamlines the fabrication process, enhancing efficiency and minimizing waste.
- Consistent Quality: CNC capabilities contribute to consistent and high-quality results in the fabrication of aluminum storefront components.


Discover the exquisite character of PRL’s Aluminum Storefront Designer Door Series for your aluminum and glass entry needs. This series stands out with its impressive and distinctive features, showcasing square, octagon, rectangle, and horizontal shaped inner muntins and grids. The Designer Door Series not only delivers unparalleled performance but also offers limitless adaptability to meet specific design preferences.

These ornate door styles combine strength and stability, ensuring durability for heavy usage, while providing the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of standard and designer hardware. From pivots and hinges to locks and security hardware, our standard style doors are designed to seamlessly integrate with diverse aesthetics and operational requirements.


Crafting all glass in-house, PRL provides an extensive range of high-quality glass options for your aluminum storefronts. Elevate your residential or commercial storefront with choices such as tempered, laminated, low emissivity (Low E), or insulated glass (IG). For a touch of recognition and professionalism, consider having a design or your corporate logo sandblasted into your aluminum and glass entrance.

Annealed or tempered

Laminated Glass

Clear Glass

Insulated (IG) Glass

Low Emissivity (Low E)

Tinted Glass

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